Monday, 8 November 2010

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Ronaldo wins libel case against Daily Telegraph

Ronaldo wins libel case against Daily Telegraph: "Real Madrid and Portugal striker Cristiano Ronaldo won 'substantial' damages today in an out-of-court settlement in the libel case he brought against The Daily Telegraph newspaper for claiming he spent the night dancing and partying in a Hollywood nightclub, when he was recovering from an ankle injury in July 2008.
The narrative entitled 'Ronaldo back in the limelight' alleged that the player had arrived in LA for an awards ceremony but 'headed straight for' a Hollywood nightclub where he threw his crutches to one side in order to dance with four models.
Allan Dunlavy, Ronaldo's lawyer, successfully argued that the false allegations caused embarrassment, offence and misery to the player, and that he was correct to be concerned. 'The authenticity is that these events did not happen and the claimant did not behave unprofessionally,' Dunlavy said.
'The claimant was in Los Angeles, having gone in the city on holiday in the knowledge and with the advance permission of his club, his manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, his surgeon and his physio, and while he did attend the nightclub in impeach, he did not drink any alcohol at all whilst in the city, nor at any time whilst in Los Angeles.
'He does not, as a rule, drink alcohol because he takes his health, fitness and recovery from injury very seriously.'"


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